Elegant Decor for Tables in 5 Star Restaurants

Posted by Signature Napkins on Apr 10, 2017

Decor for TablesRestaurant decor is tricky. The more time you spend ruminating on that statement, unfortunately the truer it is. When it comes to redecorating, renovating or designing from scratch, there are so many things to take into consideration it can overwhelm the senses.

However, when channeled correctly, that is exactly what you want your space to do to your guests: overwhelm their senses with delight at the visual presentation of your space. Environment plays a huge role in a guests experience Here are some key factors to remember when creating the perfect dining experience.

Simple and Strategic Does Not Mean Boring

When it comes to decorating in general. We implore you to factor in functionality.

There is nothing worse than your guest wearing their meal because of poorly spaced or constructed furniture. A visually dazzling dining experience is sure to make an impression, but the opposite is also true if your visuals impede service.

A waiter should move with ease and elegance, but they should not have to perform acrobatics to get a meal from the kitchen to the table. When the meal is presented to your guest, it should be enhanced by the tablescape that it is placed upon, not overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips to take your guests dining experience to the next level:

  • There is nothing worse than decor for tables that leave no space to place a meal. The phrase elbow room was coined for a reason. When designing your table, make sure to give each guest the adequate space to eat with ease.
  • Choose a theme for your evening-subtle or overt-craft your meal service around that theme.

  • When seeking to confer elegance, understated is always best.

  • When in doubt, choose nudes and creams as a base and build from there.

  • Get creative with your florals. Think outside of the box when giving a floral addition to tables. Can it be suspended in mid-air? Should it be placed on a guests plate for a personal feel? Originality can be a great way to make a statement.

  • Work with your chef. As we said before, the decor for tables should compliment the meal. Communicate with your chef, get the vision for the evening, and have them plate the courses accordingly.

  • Embrace the season. As spring approaches, look for new ways to creatively reinvent seasonally available design motifs.

Simple Elements of Design: Decor for Tables

For a corporate affair or state dinner, stark white linens are a must. But when it comes to cultivating a romantic feel, do not be afraid to veer away from bleached tablescapes.

  • Creams, neutrals, deep jewel tones and pearlescent finishes are quick and effective methods for giving a room some depth and emotion.

  • Creating a beautiful and functional tablescape comes down to the details. Napkins are a pivotal portion of this, as they can be used to establish an accent color in your design.

Decor For Tables, Table of the Day: Thomas Goode

Decor for TablesThere is no one who understands elegance like Thomas Goode & Co. This stunning emporium of tableware in London is the standard for bone china designs and fine porcelain.

Thus we are pulling our inspiration for Table of the Day today from a beautiful setting by Thomas Goode. To replicate this table you will need:

Create your centerpiece by placing long green stems in ceramic and blue glass vases and voila!

For your next event, consider choosing Signature Napkins for your napkin needs. They come in a variety of colors and shades perfect for any beverage or meal to be served.  




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