Food & Beverage Managers Need to See These Cocktail Napkins

Posted by Signature Napkins on Apr 13, 2017

Cocktail NapkinsAs a manager, oversight is key. With everything from staff, to products, to quality control and presentation -the seemless execution of business falls to you. This is a tall order, especially in the food industry where timing and quality are everything.

When it comes to presentation, there is a challenging line to tow: quality must pair with attractiveness, and frankly there is a limited supply of attractive, high-quality, low-stress product on the market when it comes to linens.

Linen is challenging. It is heavy, wrinkles easily, and once stained, absolutely must be replaced. Linen creates an incredible amount of laundry for your staff, and thus yet another thing on your mental checklist of necessary evils that come with the job. After that, laundry must take priority with schedulingif it is not cleaned properly, ironed pristinely, or finished on time, your tables could lay terribly bare.

All of this is an unnecessary headache that we here at Signature Napkins would love to help you remedy.

How We Can Help Take the Load Off: Cocktail Napkins

The stress of a laundry load, that is. All of the things that we mentioned above, are very real. And with everything that already rests on your shoulders, stained linens do not need to be one of them. Signature Napkins has created a product that we know that you will love!

What is So Great About These Cocktail Napkins?

Signature Napkins offers a wide variety of products to fit your dining needs. These cocktail napkins alone come in 100% cotton and linen, with a large variety of colors and patterns. They come on a roll, and are perforated in order for easy removal, leaving no visible sign that they are produced in bulk. As we stated, these sophisticated cocktail napkins come on a roll; that means that you will never have to iron this product. Yes, it sounds too good to be true yet, there’s more!

What Could Possibly Be Better Than That?

We are thrilled that you would ask! When it comes to class, being environmentally friendly is a non-negotiable element—and in this arena, our cocktail napkins rank a solid 100.

Each and every one of our products are reusable and disposable. Each napkin can be reused and washed up to 6 times, then disposed. Or, if you don’t want the hassle of laundry at all, you can simply throw them away.

Our 100% cotton cocktail napkins are biodegradable; environmentally friendly without any sacrifice of sophistication. If you so desired, you could add this napkin to your compost bin. This is a wonderful surprise to have as a part of your industry -don’t be surprised if the napkins on your table become the constant topic of conversation among your guests.

Convenience is key

In the food and beverage industry, convenience is key. These cocktail napkins come on a roll, which makes storage incredibly simple. With these stackable rolls, gone are the days of carefully setting aside linens in a bulletproof case to avoid wrinkles. This product is delightfully low maintenance. Add these classy cocktail napkins to your arsenal of linens for a convenient and stress free table-setting experience.

One Final Word: Customized Cocktail Napkins

If you are looking for a product to set you apart from your competition, look no further. These cocktail napkins are the essence of sophistication and convenience. Not only are they wrinkle-proof, reusable, disposable and biodegradable; they can be monogrammed and customized.

For your next event, consider choosing Signature Napkins for your cocktail napkin needs. They come in a variety of colors and shades perfect for any beverage or meal to be served.  

cotton and linen cocktail napkins

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Great for:

  • Hosts planning high-quality, elite parties that will be the talk of the town
  • Five Star Hotels ready to turn-up the style of cocktails and turn-down services
  • Event Planners & Caterers to offer a myriad of bright, fun, fashion colors and selection to their clients
  • Fortune 500 Companies looking for branded, monogrammed napkins for events
  • Private Aviation wanting luxury linens without extra laundry
  • Yacht Charters that want to spoil VIP guests
  • Cruise Lines that want to add cache to beverage service
  • Casinos offering that extra class to their high-rollers
  • Golf & Country Clubs eager to keep style and leisure under par

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