How to Fold Cloth Napkins in 3 Easy Ways

Posted by Signature Napkins on Apr 24, 2017

Napkin folding is an art form--one that can either be intimidating or boring, depending on your interests. Still, for anyone with an interest in adding a special touch to an event that requires both beautiful form and practical function, napkin folding is a skill worth investing in--one you and your guests will absolutely love.

A combination of origami--the art of paper folding--and fashion, napkin folding is functional art.

And now, since we’ve piqued your curiosity, here are three ways to fold cloth napkins in three ways you that are so simple, you’ll be upset you’ve never tried them before we mentioned it.

How to Fold Cloth Napkins in 3 Easy Ways

How To Fold Cloth Napkins Into A Triple Pocket

  • Begin with a cloth napkin -prefferably square.
  • Fold your width in half, creating a rectangle.
  • Fold your napkin’s height in half; this should result in a square.
  • Adjust your napkin so that the corner with all of the loose flaps, is placed in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Take hold of the first flap in the top right-hand corner, and fold it down towards the bottom left corner.
  • Repeat this process with the second flap in the top right corner; tuck this flap under your first fold.
  • Repeat with the third flap, tuck this flap under your second fold.
  • This should give you three folded (two of which are tucked) flaps, and an untouched final layer of cloth in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Carefully tuck about an inch of the right square-side underneath.
  • Carefully fold the left side under as well.
  • And Voila! You have produced a triple pocket!
  • Perfect for containing and displaying silverware.


How To Fold Cloth Napkins Into A Rosebud

  • Begin with a cloth napkin -prefferably square.
  • Fold your napkins diagonal corners together, creating a long triangle.
  • Fold corners together again, to create a smaller triangle.
  • Turn your napkin so that the longest side is parallel to your body.
  • Fold an inch up around the entire bottom seam of your napkin on both sides.
  • This should give your napkin the appearance of a hat.
  • Keeping your lines symmetrical, fold the right-hand corner of the hat-brim into the center.
  • Repeat this with the left-hand corner.
  • Flip your napkin over.
  • This fold can be placed lying flat, or standing up on a place setting. With a built-in shelf, perfect for displaying a guests seating card.



How To Fold Cloth Napkins Into An Envelope

  • Begin with a cloth napkin -prefferably square.
  • Fold your napkin in half, creating a long rectangle.
  • Fold your napkin in half again, creating a square.
  • Rotate so that the square is in the shape of a diamond when facing your body.
  • Fold the left-hand corner towards the center.
  • Repeat with the right-hand corner.
  • Fold the bottom flap up, covering the meeting point in the middle.
  • Voila!
  • Perfect for containing and displaying silverware.



The Triple Pocket, Rosebud and Envelope folds are all simple and effective displays of artistry that will put the finishing touch on your tablescape. Armed with a little patience, this tutorial and a quality product, your table will be dressed to impress!

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