Easy Directions for Making a Proper Place Setting

Posted by Signature Napkins on Mar 28, 2017

Setting the table for events might seem difficult for some of your staff, but once they have the basics down, it’s easy to lay the proper place setting every time. Here, we share step-by-step tutorials from
the Emily Post Institute that you can use to teach your staff how to create the proper place setting for all sit-down events.

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Topics: Entertaining, Event Planning, Table Settings

How to Throw an Impressive & Memorable Cocktail Party

Posted by Signature Napkins on Mar 16, 2017

When it comes to throwing a cocktail party, good atmosphere is priceless.

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Topics: Cocktail Napkins, Event Planning, Party Ideas

Every Event Planner Needs to See These Cloth Cocktail Napkins

Posted by Signature Napkins on Mar 11, 2017

It takes a lot to be a successful event planner. You must be excellent at managing time and at managing staff; you must have incredible attention to detail and incredible people skills; and you must stay on top of deadlines and ever-changing trends.

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Topics: Event Planning, Cocktail Napkins

Why Hospitality Managers Love These Reusable Napkins

Posted by Signature Napkins on Mar 3, 2017

Like any good hospitality manager, you’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to provide memorable dining experiences for guests. If so, then reusable napkins like these from MYdrap should definitely be on your radar. Here are four reasons why hospitality managers often opt for these reusable napkins.

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Topics: Event Planning, Hospitality

Elegant Cotton Napkins Your Guests Will Love

Posted by Signature Napkins on Mar 1, 2017
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Topics: Event Planning

5 Types of Gatherings Made Better with MYdrap

Posted by Signature Napkins on Feb 15, 2017

MYdrap napkins combine the tasteful texture and sophistication of cotton and linen napkins with the convenience
of a paper towel. The innovative napkin is affordable and stylish, making it the ideal choice for events of all kinds, both at home and in public social spaces such as events centers and restaurants.

In this blog post, we'll discuss five types of gatherings that are ideal for using MYdrap napkins.

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Topics: Event Planning, Entertaining

5 Tips for Throwing a Great Super Bowl Party

Posted by Signature Napkins on Jan 30, 2017

Are you ready for some football? If you’re hosting a party for this year’s Super Bowl, now is the time to start preparing. Here, we share five event planning tips that will help you get ready for your big game bash.

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Topics: Party Ideas, Event Planning, Entertaining

2 Helpful Tips to Throwing a Terrific Cocktail Party at Home

Posted by Signature Napkins on Jan 25, 2017

When it comes to entertaining in your home, the cocktail party is a fine choice. For guests, cocktail parties offer a relaxing, casual atmosphere ideal for mingling. For hosts and hostesses, cocktail parties are easy to plan and less costly than dinner parties or similar events, but they still give off the same sophisticated, glamorous feel.

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Topics: Entertaining, Event Planning

5 Event Sponsorship Ideas to Help Brands Stand Out

Posted by Signature Napkins on Dec 27, 2016

When it comes to hosting large events, companies today have seemingly limitless options: hotels, galleries, halls, conference centers, lounges, convention centers, museums—the list goes on and on. To book large events hosted by big-name companies, event planners and hospitality managers must be prepared share all the reasons why their venue is better than the rest. While you should certainly boast about your venue’s expansive space and professional staff, among other attributes, another great way to make your venue stand out is your ability to offer creative suggestions for promoting the company’s brand throughout an event.

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Topics: Event Planning

4 Tablescape Ideas for Holiday Celebrations

Posted by Signature Napkins on Dec 20, 2016

The holiday season is an ideal time to stretch your table-decorating muscles and create truly memorable experiences for event guests. Get inspired to go above and beyond at the events you’re planning with these four festive tablescape ideas!

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Topics: Holiday Decorations, Table Settings, Event Planning, Entertaining

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