Elegant Decor for Tables in 5 Star Restaurants

Posted by Signature Napkins on Apr 10, 2017

Restaurant decor is tricky. The more time you spend ruminating on that statement, unfortunately the truer it is. When it comes to redecorating, renovating or designing from scratch, there are so many things to take into consideration it can overwhelm the senses.

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Topics: Table Decorations, Hospitality, Entertaining

Must-Have Table Linens For Any Event

Posted by Signature Napkins on Mar 24, 2017

Anticipating your client’s needs is a great way to ensure your event center or banquet hall stands out from the competition. Here, we share seven table linens your clients expect you to provide to help bring the vision they have for their event to life.

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Topics: Table Decorations

Dinner Table Decor For All Seasons

Posted by Signature Napkins on Mar 20, 2017

Summer, winter, spring and fall - we have a tablescape for them all! In the world of dinner table decor, seasons are an excellent source of inspiration.

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Topics: Table Decorations

Check Out These Stunning Table Decorating Ideas

Posted by Signature Napkins on Mar 19, 2017

From planning to execution, any event planner knows details are key. Delighting your guests is as much about entertainment as it is about the overall experience. But you don’t need to hire an acrobat for every dinner party to leave a lasting impression.

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Topics: Table Decorations

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