Easy Directions for Making a Proper Place Setting

Posted by Signature Napkins on Mar 28, 2017

Setting the table for events might seem difficult for some of your staff, but once they have the basics down, it’s easy to lay the proper place setting every time. Here, we share step-by-step tutorials from
the Emily Post Institute that you can use to teach your staff how to create the proper place setting for all sit-down events.

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Topics: Entertaining, Event Planning, Table Settings

DIY Table Setting Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

Posted by Signature Napkins on Feb 27, 2017

Table settings don’t have to be complicated to wow your guests. In fact, mimicking professional table settings in your home is as easy as studying photos you see in magazines and then adding your own twist.

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Topics: Table Settings

Essential Elements of a Formal Table Setting

Posted by Signature Napkins on Feb 23, 2017

Whether you’re planning for an upcoming wedding or another formal gathering, it’s wise to make sure you not only have all of the elements of a formal table setting, but that you know where each item should be placed on the table. In this blog post, we’ll review all the items you need to create a formal table setting.

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6 Tablescape Items Every Hostess Should Have in Multiple Styles

Posted by Signature Napkins on Feb 19, 2017

Your home is the go-to venue for every holiday gathering, party, birthday celebration and more. And while you delight in entertaining your family and friends at each opportunity, you also worry your current table decor is becoming a bit too predictable. In this blog, we’ll discuss six tablescape items that every constant hostess should have in multiple styles, colors, textures and more so she can make every special occasion feel unique.

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5 Centerpiece Ideas for Your Restaurant

Posted by Signature Napkins on Jan 17, 2017

Savvy restaurant managers know that going out to dinner is about more than fulfilling a need to eat and drink. Patrons come to your restaurant to take that special someone on a date, close a business deal, celebrate a special occasion or connect with a friend they haven’t seen in ages. To keep customers coming back, your restaurant must provide more than great food and drink and efficient service; it must also provide a pleasing atmosphere.

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4 Tablescape Ideas for Holiday Celebrations

Posted by Signature Napkins on Dec 20, 2016

The holiday season is an ideal time to stretch your table-decorating muscles and create truly memorable experiences for event guests. Get inspired to go above and beyond at the events you’re planning with these four festive tablescape ideas!

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Topics: Holiday Decorations, Table Settings, Event Planning, Entertaining

Table Etiquette: How to Set a Formal Dinner Table

Posted by Signature Napkins on Dec 11, 2016

Experienced event planners and hospitality managers know well that, despite careful planning and preparation, event set up often runs behind. They also know it’s simply not possible to assist staff with setting tables when they are being pulled into a hundred different directions.

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