Tutorial: How to Fold a Napkin Into a Rose

Posted by Signature Napkins on Apr 26, 2017

The red rose: a symbol of love and romance on across the globe. Its reputation can be traced back as far as biblical times and is highlighted in literary masterpieces, perhaps most famously in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

These beautiful flowers are all at once classic, timeless and inspiring. As you prepare your dining area, wedding venue, tablescape or place settings, add a little extra romance to the air by including these fragrant blooms. But don’t stop there; delight your guests by thinking outside of the vase with these beautiful napkin folds. Echo your vased flowers at each place setting as you create your tablescape, giving each guest a rose of their own.

Tutorial: How To Fold A Napkin Into A Rose

Take a deep breath. Creating the rose fold is delightfully simple to accomplish and yields a perfectly elegant result. A wonderful facet of this fold is that it hides wrinkles. If for some reason your napkins have not been perfectly pressed, don’t fret! The rose fold hides a myriad of ironing faux pas saving you time and stress.

Step 1

  • Begin with a cotton or linen napkin, preferably square.
  • Position your napkin so that it appears as a diamond; with a corner pointing towards you, away from you, and a corner at your right and left hand.
  • Fold your right-hand corner over to your left-hand corner.
  • You should now have an elongated triangle, with the central point facing your left hand and the longest side facing your right-hand.

How to Fold a Napkin

Step 2 

  • Begin rolling the longer side of your napkin, from the right towards your left-hand.
  • Roll about half of your napkin length.
  • There should now be a napkin tunnel facing you.


How to Fold a Napkin

Step 3 

  • Take hold of the napkin tunnel-tail nearest you, and begin rolling it onto itself.
  • Roll about half way.
  • Rotate your napkin so that the central point now faces away from you.
  • Finish rolling the tale around the napkin base.
  • This should have created a cuff at the base.
  • Tuck the loose napkin tail into the cuff, creating a secure napkin roll.


How to Fold a Napkin

Step 4 

  • Stand your napkin roll upright.
  • Take hold of the two layers of cloth and separate them, pulling outward.
  • Continue working the tails apart until they are separated down to the napkin roll.
  • Flip your napkin over.
  • Work the tails until they have the desired look of leaves.
  • Voila! You have accomplished the simple and elegant rose napkin fold.


How to Fold a Napkin

Wonderful for any occasion; use this stunning napkin fold for any and all of your entertaining needs. Add depth and romance to place settings by using fabrics dyed in deep jewel-tones to create your roses, or use lighter shades of fabric to add class and elegance. Roses can be folded tightly for a more uniform appearance or rolled more loosely, giving the appearance of a fuller more relaxed bloom. Use this fold for individual place settings, or fold an abundance of roses and use as a creative centerpiece. No matter the occasion, this fold is sure to delight guests and clients of all ages.  

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